Local students place well at writing competition

Talawanda Middle School’s “Power of the Pen” team ended their season with a strong finish at State Finals on May 24th. Seventh grader, Rhonda Krehbiel won first place, beating out her peers from the entire state of Ohio. Hannah Zmuda, also a seventh grader, represented the team well placing 19th out of over 100 seventh [...]

One White Elephant Down—Miami to buy old Talawanda High School site for $1.15 million.

by Nancy Averett Miami University is negotiating with the Talawanda School District to purchase the old high school for $1, 150,000. Both the school board and the university’s board of trustees have voted in favor of the deal but some details still need to be worked out, said Talawanda Treasurer Mike Davis. “Price is not [...]

Fro-Yo goes on the down lo. Have we seen the last of the frozen yogurt burrito place?

Oh La Comida, we hardly knew you. Such is life on High Street. One day, you’re selling frozen yogurt and taking out the gelato place. The next day, you’re devoured by a hipper version of yourself with cooler toppings and orange hipster chairs. It ain’t easy making it on Oxford’s main row. But fortunately, the [...]

The Townie ventures south, braves mean Hamilton streets to witness the re-birth of an architectural gem—222 High Street.

Well ok, I’ll admit, I’ve been a little harsh on Hamilton in the past. Some folks have even accused me of being downright unkind to our neighbor to the south— Hamiltucky. Guilty as charged. Hey Hamilton, you’ll get props from this Oxford townie just as soon as you get a TJMAX. Oh they already have [...]

Bigger, faster, weirder— Kinetics Festival goes frenetic; Townie TV captures the scene.

Kinetics 3 from Sean Krause on Vimeo. It’s just gets better and better and weirder and weirder and bigger and bigger and artsy and artiser. Under halcyon skies, the Third Annual Oxford Kinetics Festival proved to be the perfect day to get out and ride your pimped out ten-speed. And by dang, it even reached [...]

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